Hearthome Mall
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"Who's got it all? Hearthome Mall!" The mall's jingle will be ingrained in your mind by the time you leave. The Hearthome Mall is a collection of shops and family-friendly entertainment venues. You can buy facial cleanser for your Mankey, play indoor put-put, and then walk across the sky bridge to get Staryubucks. Or AppleCombee's. Or Mr. Mime In the Box. The food court is enormous, take your pick.
The Bar-boach
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The Bar-boach is a modern bar in the midst of downtown. Academy students flock to it due to the 10% student discount offered by the owner, a retired gym trainer and Elite Academy alum. Tuesdays are Karaoke Nights. A different local band performs every Friday. On Saturdays, the bar hosts a dart tournament. Please don't feed your Pokemon alcohol.
Cafe de Drifloon
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Cafe de Drifloon is just one of many cute, cozy cafes scattered across the city. It specializes in Kalosian cuisine and delightful brunch. The owners' trained Drifloon serve as the waitstaff.
DeLuxio Nightclub
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Despite the name, no Pokemon are allowed inside of the DeLuxio Nightclub--all Pokeballs are checked at the door, just in case. It's a human-exclusive establishment that runs late into the night. Over the pounding speakers, you can hear the latest trendy club music, and at the bar, you can find your favorite overpriced drinks.
Downtown Hearthome City is packed with things to do and places to see. Your first stop should be a cozy cafe to grab lunch. After that, head over to the Hearthome Mall to do some shopping (or laser tag). You can end your day with a drink at a club, or, if you're not feeling as outgoing, several at a bar.
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