Battle Fields
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Where a traditional school would have tennis courts and soccer fields, SEA has regulation-size Pokemon battle fields. Dirt, grass, clay, and concrete fields are available.
Green Memorial Gardens
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In memory of some rich guy whose family donated money in his honor, the Green Memorial Gardens are maintained by the school's botany club and research-focused students. Every type of berry that can be grown in Sinnoh conditions is grown here; every other type is grown within the Greenhouse at the southern edge of the gardens.
Magikarp Lake
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Twenty years ago, a family of Magikarp spontaneously appeared in the previously-empty lake. The groundskeepers have not been able to get rid of them since, and so the name has stuck. It's a small, crystal-clear lake with a decorative fountain feature in the middle. Pokemon are more than welcome to swim as the season permits. Just be careful about the Magikarp--they like to nibble.
Academy Grounds
This board encompasses every other area of the school grounds.
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